Daniel Bensaïd

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Daniel Bensaïd in 2008, during the late stages of his AIDS illness.

Daniel Bensaïd (25 March 194612 January 2010) was a communist Jew propagandist and agitator, who for many years led Trotskyism in France. He began his political life as a student subversive in the unrest of May 1968 in France. Along with his co-racialist, the self-confessed pedophile[1][2] Daniel Cohn-Bendit, he founded the Movement of 22 March at the University of Nanterre in Paris. His involvement in Trotskyism was particularly in an intellectual capacity. He was a founding member of the extremist Revolutionary Communist League and was during his life-time, its leading theorist. He contracted AIDS and after 16 years died from the disease in 2010.[3]


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