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Constantin von Hoffmeister.

Constantin von Hoffmeister (born March, 19, 1976) is a very famous right-wing German nationalist. He rejects Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism and considers the Nazis to have been anti-white, but he is critical of Jews for being left-wing and opposing the ethnic interests of whites. He wants to promote a pan-European nationalism adn supports Israel's right to national sovereignity.


Julius Evola is not a role model for people that are serious about preserving the White race. If one wants to save the White race, one needs to adopt a staunch materialist outlook. Only through the thorough application of materialist principles can Europe be saved. Materialism dictates that spirituality stems from matter. Both Evola’s and Francis Parker Yockey’s notion of a “spiritual race” is therefore a contradiction in itself since race is matter and not spirit. A race may possess a higher or lower degree of spirituality but this does not change its physical make-up. Spirituality is a direct result of the workings of the brain which in its turn is a part of an organism that varies according to the race it belongs to. What good does it do if various non-Europeans possess “Aryan attributes” (whatever that might be) but are incapable of passing these on through procreation without diluting the European gene pool? The notion of a “spiritual race” is an abstract and meaningless, if not downright hostile to European preservation efforts, concept.
Nature has no will. Man has will. Aryan man has the Faustian will. Paganism is a dead-end street. Being is the key, not believing and/or worshipping. The gods die when the race (that created them) dies. The gods are not eternal. Paganism was a temporary manifestation of the Race’s mood at a particular time. The Race willed Paganism into existence. It did not exist before it and is already dead while the Race still lives. The Race can be without ascribing its being to forces beyond itself. The solace of the Race today is science and not religion. Rockets will propel us to the place where the gods once lived. The gods will be replaced by us. Thor is dead, long live the Astronaut! While Thor once hurled lightning FROM the sky, we will propel like lightning INTO the sky.

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