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Christian fundamentalism is a form of fundamentalism, originally a form of American Protestantism that advocated views such as claimed strict conformity to the Bible. The term fundamentalism was coined by Baptist editor Curtis Lee Laws in 1920 to designate Protestants who were ready "to do battle royal for the fundamentals".

Later, the term has also been applied to some non-Protestant Christian groups / views and may also be used as a general term for claimed non-liberal / non-"modernist" forms of Christianity.

The term fundamentalist is now controversial, because it can carry the connotation of religious extremism, especially when such labeling is applied beyond the movement which coined the term or beyond those who self-identify as fundamentalists today. Some who hold certain, but not all beliefs in common with the original fundamentalist movement reject the label "fundamentalism", seeing it as too pejorative, while to others it has become a banner of pride. Some Christians prefer to use the term "fundamental", as opposed to fundamentalist. In parts of the United Kingdom, using the term fundamentalist with the intent to stir up religious hatred is a violation of the Racial and Religious Hatred Act of 2006.

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