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Carlos Latuff.

Carlos Latuff (born on 30 November of 1968 in Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian anti-zionist freelance political cartoonist, of Lebanese ancestry. Mr Latuff's works have been posted on various Indymedia websites and blogs as well as several newspapers and magazines such as Mad, The Toronto Star, the Saudi Arabian magazine "Character", Lebanese newspaper "Al Akhbar", Läsarnas Fria Tidning, and others. A number of his cartoons were also published on other websites such as Norman Finkelstein's. He was placed second, winning $4,000, in the 2006 Iranian International Holocaust Cartoon Competition.

Political views

Caught Red Handed

Mr Latuff has worked for several comics about Middle East situations such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Iraq War, being highly critical of Israel and the United States actions while sympathizing with their opposition.

In his We are all Palestinians "كلنا فلسطينيون" cartoon series, various famous oppressed groups, including Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, Black South Africans during Apartheid, Americans Indians, and Tibetans are all shown stating "I am Palestinian".

In his comic series by the name of Tales of Iraq War (also translated into Arabic "حكايات من حرب العراق" ), he features 'Juba, the Baghdad sniper' as a hero while US soldiers are portrayed as villains sent by US President George W. Bush, caricatured laughing over US casualties.

Gaza as a ghetto

A ghetto by another name would smell as sweet.

Gaza qualifies as the world's largest ghetto with over a million inmates. The Israelis control the supply of water, electricity and food. Starvation is a political tool.

Israeli attitudes to civilian casualties

Professor Finkelstein explains hypocrisy in Israel

Norman Finkelstein, a Jew and son of Holocaust survivors explains Israeli attitudes to Palestinian casualties. It is usually indifference at best. There are Jews who are keen on more killing and ethnic cleansing. There are honourable exceptions.

Israeli response

A number of Israelis find that they are not amused by Mr Latuff's caricatures. One response has been to incite Jews to murder him. Murder and incitement are criminal offences in most civilized countries. The perpetrators seem to have gotten away with it. This tells us something about the reality of Israel's law enforcement. To be fair nobody seems to have tried it on yet.

Of course if they were in the right, if they were the victims rather than the criminals they would be dealing with him honestly and openly. A prosecution for criminal libel or just plain libel might well be the approach in the Brazilian legal system. Their style is explained by Curt Maynard in his essay, The Deafening Silence

In 2002 a group of Jews in Switzerland calling itself Aktion Kinder des Holocaust (Action for Children of the Holocaust more or less) sued the Independent Media Center (IMC, also known as Indymedia) of Switzerland on the charge of anti-Semitism. The reason they used was a cartoon in Mr Latuff's We are all Palestinians series, published in Swiss IMC website, which depicted a boy in the Warsaw Ghetto saying: "I am Palestinian." The criminal proceedings were suspended by a Swiss court. This certainly does not mean that the Jews won but the expense and nuisance value might well have the effect of discouraging free speech.

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