Carl Austin Weiss

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Carl Austin Weiss

Carl Austin Weiss (December 6, 1906September 8, 1935) was a young Baton Rouge, Louisiana, physician who was the assassin of U.S. Senator Huey Pierce Long, Jr.

On September 8, 1935, Weiss shot Huey Long in the Capitol building in Baton Rouge. Long's bodyguards then opened fire and riddled Weiss's body with as many as sixty bullets. Weiss died at the scene. Dave Haas, the leader of an anti-Long group called the "Minute Men", claimed that five men met in the DeSoto Hotel in Baton Rouge to draw straws as to who would kill Long. Weiss allegedly drew the short straw, and according to Haas, "He would have killed Huey as he would a snake."

Dr. Weiss's sister-in-law, Ida Catherine Pavy Boudreaux (born 1922) of Opelousas recalls that his body was sent to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., for a study of bullets entering and exiting the body. Dr. Weiss was interred in Roselawn Cemetery in Baton Rouge. His body was exhumed on October 29, 1991, for forensic evaluation, fifty-six years after the event, and never returned to Roselawn.

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