Breton National Party

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Breton National Party
Gwenn ha du.png
Political position Breton nationalism
Brythonic restoration
Leader Fransez Debeauvais (1920-1921)
Raymond Delaporte (1921-1945)
Country Brittany
Existence 1931–1944
Headquarters Rennes, Brittany
Newspaper Breiz Atao
L'Heure Bretonne
Affiliation Bagadoù Stourm
Colours white, black

The Breton National Party (Breton: Strollad Broadel Breizh; French Parti National Breton), commonly known as the PNB, was a political party which supported the Celtic Brythonic people in Brittany and advocated the creation a sovereign Breton state to serve their interests. It was inspired to a significant extent by Sinn Féin and the Irish Revolution. In a similar sense to the Basques who supported the Carlist tradition and early nationalism, they regarded themselves as more piously Catholic than the cosmopolitan Paris, though other Breton nationalists had a neo-pagan basis.

The party itself was founded after a split within the old Breton Autonomist Party in 1931. Under the leadership of Maurice Duhamel (ethnically French surname), the Autonomists were moved closer to the French Communist Party of Marcel Cachin (who, like Vladimir Lenin supported revolutionary defeatism, in the hopes of bringing about a "revolution" and bringing all of France into chaos; the Bretons role was to be mere pawns in this game). The more traditionalist Breton nationalists wanted to build something positive instead and so founded the Breton National Party under Olier Mordrel, while the pseudo-nationalists became the Breton Federalist League.

Some members of the party saw National Socialist Germany as a potential ally and worked with the Abwehr as far back as the 1920s, long before the Battle of France. The part was outlawed until France lost the war. They helped the legal military administration against Gaullist and Communist terrorists. A more radical faction known as the Breton Social-National Workers' Movement broke away from the Breton National Party in 1941, but only existed for a year. After the war the party was outlawed. Alan Heusaff a former PNB member who helped the Gestapo became a founding member of the Celtic League in 1961. Others also remained involved in politics independently.

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