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The Billy Brit character, as depicted in the video entitled "Heroes".

Billy Brit is a puppet character who has been used in YouTube videos by the youth wing of the British National Party.[1]

In one of the videos, titled "Heroes", the character recites a poem extolling a series of British figures: Boudicca, Edward I, William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington, Captain Scott, Enoch Powell and Nick Griffin. Every verse except for the one on Griffin ends with a statement that the individual was white.

Tabloid newspaper The News of the World described the character as "a venom-spouting racist puppet";[2] the "Heroes" video was also criticised by Hari Kunzru of The Guardian.[3] An episode of Have I Got News for You played a clip containing the Boudicca verse, prompting Stuart Maconie to jokingly comment "Pixar have gone really downhill, haven't they?".[4]

The puppet itself was not commissioned by the BNP but was, in fact, a standard puppet bought off-the-shelf.[5]