Battle of Liberty Place 1874

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Battle of Liberty Place took place on September 14, 1874 in New Orleans where General James Longstreet, as head of the Louisiana State Militia, moved to quell the White League's movement to overthrow of the carpetbagger government of Governor Kellogg. Longstreet tried to intercept a shipment of weapons to the white population of the city. The carpetbagger militia and New Orleans metropolitan were outnumbered by members of the White League more than two to one. In the Battle 5,000 members of the White League routed 3,500 police and state militia. The two sides exchanged volleys of fire for fifteen-minute. More than 100 people were killed or wounded. Longstreet's forces were broken and fled into the streets of the Latin Quarter. Longstreet was wounded captured by a white mob. Kellogg hid in the Customs House after the battle. They demanded the resignation of Governor William Pitt Kellogg in favor of McEnery, who had been the Democratic candidate in the disputed 1872 election. Kellogg refused and the White League briefly took over the State House and City Hall, until withdrawing ahead of Federal troops and ships arriving to reinforce the government. President Grant responded with troops in three days and Kellogg resumed office. A few days later Federal gunboats and restored the carpetbagger government.

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