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BNT 1 (БНТ 1)
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Launched 26 December 1959 (1959-12-26)
Owned by BNT (Bulgarian National Television)
Picture format 16:9 576i, 1080i (DVB)
Country Bulgaria
Language Bulgarian
Broadcast area Bulgaria
Headquarters Sofia, Bulgaria
Formerly called Bulgarian Television (Българска телевизия)
First Programme (Първа програма)
BT 1 (БТ 1)
Channel 1 (Канал 1)
Sister channel(s) BNT 2, BNT HD, BNT World
MUX 3 Channel 1 (SD)
Channel 11 (HD)
MUX BUL12-1 Channel 1 (SD)
Bulsatcom Channel 1
Vivacom Channel 1
blizoo Channel 1

BNT 1 (БНТ 1) is a Bulgarian-language public television station founded in 1959. It began broadcasting on December 26 the same year. The headquarters are located in Sofia, Bulgaria. BNT 1 is run by the Bulgarian National Television.


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