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Atman by Alexander Jacob (Spanish cover)

Atman: A Reconstruction of the Solar Cosmology of the Indo-Europeans is a book by Dr. Alexander Jacob. This pioneering reconstruction of the solar cosmology of the ancient Indo-Europeans is based on the literary evidence of the Puranas, the Vedas, the Brahmanas, the Avesta, the records of the religions of Egypt, Sumer, Akkad, Assyria and the Hurrians, as well as the earliest theogonies of the Hittites, the proto-Stoic and Orphic Greeks, and the ancient Germans. The judicious collation of these documents reveals to us, for the first time, the extraordinary spiritual vision - of the creation as well as of the course of the cosmos - which informs the religion of the ancients. The organic correspondence between the macrocosm and the human microcosm that emerges in the course of this study also provides the key to the proper understanding of the esoteric philosophy of the Indians. This work should therefore be of vital interest to all students of the religion and mythology of the ancient Near East as well as to those of Indian and Greek philosophy. [1]


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