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Ashley H. Bristow

Ashley Herzog Bristow, often known by her maiden name Ashley Herzog, is a conservative writer. A blonde woman critical of feminism who has been ranked as a beauty of the Right, Bristow has often drawn comparisons to Ann Coulter, though her style is less confrontational; she has said, "I'm definitely not as extreme as her."[1] She is the author of Feminism vs. Women, and is a columnist for She is married to attorney and fellow author Kyle Bristow, with whom she has one child.


Herzog entered Ohio University as a freshman in 2004. She would major in journalism. Already a conservative, she initially had a positive view of the feminist movement, and called herself a "conservative feminist." Her encounter with the ideology on campus proved a transformative experience saw the fanatical variant that flourished on campus. Breaking with feminism, Herzog took up the pen, and would remained an outspoken thorn in the side of the Left throughout her college years.[2] She wrote for the university's student newspaper, The Post, sporadically at first, but a regular columnist by her senior year. In her freshman year, she was already questioning the orthodoxies of women's liberation. Observing the debauchery of many modern women, ready to sexualize themselves, she concluded that "liberation can be degradation," lamenting the spectacle of "women, with little coercion from men, sexually exploiting themselves."[3] As she later recalled,

I realized about five minutes into my first women’s studies class that wasn’t enough. To the contrary, the feminist clique had a litany of complaints against me and other non-liberal women. We didn’t brand ourselves “Vagina Warriors” or chant obscenities in a crowded auditorium (see the feminist play The Vagina Monologues for details). We weren’t offended by suggestions that men and women are innately different. And, perhaps most egregiously of all, we didn’t consider the “right” to butcher unborn children essential to our liberty. The message from feminists was clear: accept our dogma, or remain permanently on the outs.[4]

In later columns she called Left-wing students to account for their adulation of mass murderer Che Guevara,[5] criticized The Vagina Monologues[6] and single motherhood,[7] defended concealed carrying of handguns on campus,[8] railed against "sexist" attacks on conservative women,[9] attacked socialism in academia,[10] and argued that public schools cannot be fixed simply by allocating more money.[11] Herzog's conservative writing was in contrast to the leftism that was usually the rule in The Post, and earned her little love from the university's community.[12][13] Herzog also argued that the amount of media and legal attention given to "sexting" amounts to a harmful moral panic.[14] In addition, she has written for TownHall since 2006.

In Fall 2007, Herzog interned at the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute in Herndon, Virginia. There, she worked as a book researcher for Dr. Miriam Grossman, a senoir fellow at the Institute.[15]

On June 20, 2008, she released a book of her own, Feminism vs. Women. Published by Xulon Press, a small Christian self-publishing firm, in her book she argues that feminism "operates as a rigid ideology dictating what women should think and how they should live," aiming "to mold all women into loyal, obedient liberals who tow the establishment line. For all their caterwauling about 'choice' and 'women's rights,' feminists fail to respect women's most important right of all: the right to think and act for ourselves."[16]

John Hawkins of Right Wing News ranked Herzog among the "hottest conservative women in the new media" in 2009[17] and 2010,[18] and she was also featured in a 2011 list on[19]

Ashley Herzog wed Kyle Bristow on August 13, 2012, becoming Ashley Herzog Bristow.[20] They have one daughter,[21] Catherine.[22]


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