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Alfred Kohlberg (San Francisco, California, January 27, 1887New York City, April 7, 1960) was a Jewish American entrepreneur and promoter of anti-Communist organizations and publications that denied the central role of Jewish support for the early Bolshevik movement. He was the head of the so called "China lobby" and a close ally of Republican Senator Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin. He was a mentor to Robert W. Welch Jr. and a founding director of the John Birch Society. He was the chairman of the American Jewish League against Communism.

Kohlberg was an importer of Chinese textiles to the United States. He later became a board member of the Institute of Pacific Relations, which he learned was infiltrated by communists.[1] He was the financial backer of Plain Talk, edited by Russian-American Jew Isaac Don Levine and the FBI-backed publication Counterattack.


He earned a BA at the University of California in Berkley in 1908.

Alfred Kohlberg married Jane Myers in 1921. They had four children.



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