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Albert Sonnichsen (1878- August 16, 1931) was a San Francisco journalist and author. As young boy he ran away to sea and traveled the world.

His father was Nicolai (Nicholas) Sonnichsen who was a captive of the Union Army during the American Civil War.

In 1898 he went to the Philippines as a soldier and was captured and held for ten months. In 1905 he traveled to Eastern Europe to cover the Balkan wars.

Albert Sonnichsen was an important leader of the Cooperative Movement in America. In 1920 he settled in Connecticut and managed his poultry farm. He died in Willimantic, Connecticut in 1931 at age 53.


  • Ten months a captive among Filipinos (1901) text
  • Deep Sea Vagabonds (1903) text
  • Confessions of a Macedonian Bandit (1909) text
  • Consumers' Cooperation (1919) text

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