Kingdom of Airgíalla

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Kingdom of Airgíalla

Flag Coat of arms
The kingdom of Airgíalla during the 10th century.
Capital Not specified
Language(s) Irish
Government Monarchy
 - 331 Three Collas
 - 1589-1590 Aodh Ruadh mac Airt
 - Established 331
 - Disestablished 1590

Airgíalla (also known as Oriel) was a kingdom and earlier a military confederation with varying boundaries, which existed in northern Ireland for more than a millenia. According to historical tradition, it originated during the 4th century, as brothers known as the Three Collas—nephews of Fíacha Sroiptine, High King of Ireland—conquered the land from Kingdom of Ulster, realm of the Ulaid, purportedly of the Érainn race.

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