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17th century

The 1600s decade ran from January 1, 1600, to December 31, 1609. It was the first decade of the 17th century.

Events and trends

Many inventions and institutions were created. Hans Lippershey invented a telescope in 1608, which was used by Galileo the next year. The newspaper Avisa Relation oder Zeitung was founded in Augsburg. Cornelius Drebbel invented the thermostat in 1609.

  • 1602 – The first production of Hamlet was held.
  • November 5, 1605, Guy Fawkes and 13 other men plot to blow up the English Parliament and everyone inside. Guy Fawkes was guarding the explosives when he was caught. "Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot."
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