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White guilt
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White Guilt is guilt by Whites for reasons such as supposed mistreatment of non-Whites.



Such supposed mistreatment may include cases of slavery, colonialism, and racism. Many of the claimed examples are misleading and often ignore such actions when done by non-Whites, as discussed in the articles on these topics.

Such views also ignore, for example, that Whites abolished slavery worldwide, created the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, created ancient Athenian and modern democracy, created the modern concept of human rights, and created most inventions and technologies which benefit all humans (see Human Accomplishment), etc.

White guilt is exploited by non-Whites in numerous ways in order to gain advantages such as affirmative action and "reparations". It may also be a factor causing Whites to vote for non-Whites or otherwise support their own group less than non-Whites do.

White guilt is also exploited in other ways. Already in 1978, an article stated that "Telephone and mail solicitors, trading on "white guilt" and on government pressure to advertise in minority-oriented publications, are inducing thousands of businessmen to buy ads in phony publications, according to investigators for the Postal Service and the Los Angeles district attorney."[1]

Some Whites may demonstrate strong White guilt in order to show and gain a sense of moral superiority over other Whites. See also virtue signalling.

White liberals may try to increase White guilt in order to increase support for liberalism generally and themselves in particular as morally superior to other Whites.

White guilt has been seen as destructive also for non-Whites who put all blame for their problems on Whites and demand that Whites should solve the problems instead of non-Whites taking responsibility and focusing on improving themselves.

High White guilt may be related to Whites having high affective/emotional empathy and high emphatic guilt. See the article on Pathological altruism.

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  1. Lou Cannon. Phony Ad Salesmen Prey on "White Guilt". The Washington Post. January 16, 1978.
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