The Jewish Bolshevism

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The Jewish Bolshevism - Illustration from the text (1922)

The Jewish Bolshevism is a book published in London in 1922 and 1923 by the Britons Publishing Society. It included a foreword by the German National Socialist Alfred Rosenberg.



It is an item listed by Robert Singerman in the Singerman list. According to Singerman, The Jewish Bolshevism, which he dubs as item "0121" in his Bibliography, is "Identical in content to item "0120", the pamphlet The Grave Diggers of Russia, which was published in 1921 in Germany, by Dr. E. Boepple. In 1922, Jewish writer Gisela C. Lebzelter wrote: "The Britons published a brochure entitled Jewish Bolshevism, which featured drawings of Russian leaders supplemented by brief comments on their Jewish descent and affiliation. This booklet, which was prefaced by Alfred Rosenberg, had previously been published in English by völkisch Deutscher Volksverlag."[1]


  • Jews in Russia. With Half-Jews and "Damped" Jews
by Victor E. Marsden; (posthumously)
(London: Issued by "The Britons", Printed by The Judaic Publishing Co., [1921])
Singerman 0120

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  1. Political Anti-Semitism in England, 1918-1939, p. 64

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