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Pío Moa

Luis Pío Moa Rodríguez (Vigo, Galicia, 1948) better known as simply Pío Moa, is a Spanish historian and journalist. His specialised subject field is the history and origins of the Spanish Civil War, the Second Republic in Spain, Francoism and the various political movements of that era. Several of his works have featured on the lists of best-seller in Spain. As a journalist Moa has also authored articles on contemporary Spain, criticising cultural Marxism—particularly as expressed by feminism and homosexual activism.

During his youth, Moa was a radical anti-Francoist agitator. He was a militant of the Communist Party of Spain, then the reconstituted Communist Party of Spain as well as the clandestine Maoist, designated-terrorist organisation GRAPO. Following the transition of Spain to liberal democracy, Moa dedicated himself to the study of contemporary Spanish history, evolving over time to an organic conservative position.

Moa argues that the Popular Front were ultimately responsible for the Spanish Civil War and the rise of autocracy in Spain, claiming that they have left a legacy of "moral and political, intellectual devastation". Accusing the left of hypocrisy in regards to democracy and totalitarianism. The polemical and politically incorrect nature of Moa's writings have gained him much public attention in Spain and a measure of controversy as a result; his best selling book, Myths of the Civil War, with 150,000 units sold, was a best-seller for six consecutive months.

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