Operation Cross Country

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Operation Cross Country

"Operation Cross Country" is an FBI operation which tracks child prostitution and rescues girls forced into prostitution.

...the (FBI) agent admitted to me (not in so many words, but any idiot could read between the lines) that the biggest problem with interstate child prostitution is that these black gangs from the big cities like New York, Detroit and Chicago go into the suburban and rural upper Midwest and kidnap teenage girls of Scandinavian extraction (e.g. the prettiest blonds), and force them to be prostitutes in their cities, mainly to black johns. The agent told me that the prisoner they were transporting that day was from Chicago, doing time in the Greenville, Illinois Federal prison, and was directly involved in transporting kidnapped girls from Wisconsin into Chicago...[1]

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  1. FBI Puts a Band-Aid on a Hemmorage 23 02 2009

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