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Israel's ex-president, Moshe Katsav

Moshe Katsav was the President of Israel until he resigned under unfortunate circumstances. His secretary decided to accuse him of rape. After publicity other women said that they were also victims. The police investigated and passed their papers to the Attorney General, Menachem Mazuz who decided that President Moshe Katsav should face charges for rape, sexual harassment, obstruction of justice, fraud and breach of trust. The sexual assault charges relate to the claims of four women who worked for Katsav during his terms as president and before that as a cabinet minister. Katsav arranged to plead guilty to lesser offences and not go to prison then refused to go through with it.

It turns out that the president's secretary had a messy Track Record . The emergence of her past may be why Katsav decided that he would abort the plea bargain. He resigned early and the matter seems not to have been sorted at this time, December 2008.

Mr Mazuz is dealing with a number of fairly old political cases which his predecessor did not. Perhaps his view is that the law applies to everyone, not just the common people.

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