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John Charles Metcalfe (August 2, 1904 - June 29, 1971)[1] was an investigative reporter for the Chicago Daily Times. In 1937 he infiltrated the German American Bund in the New York area and reported his findings. Metcalfe had been a member of the Bund for six months and was part of their uniform division the Ordnung Dienst which was referred to in the press as the Bund’s stromtroopers. One of those months he traveled from New York to Los Angles giving talks to various Bund posts.

In August and September of 1938 Metcalfe testified before the House of Un-American Activities Committee--on at lest one occasion wearing his Bund uniform. His reporting and testimony was used by the Justice Department to prosecute Bund leaders at the Great Sedition Trial also known as United States v. McWilliams.

John C. Metcalfe was born Hellmut Maria Siegfried Oberwinder in Dresden, Germany to a German father and an American mother. His mother Bernice Roche Metcalfe (1882–1952) was born in Natchez, Mississippi and married Richard Maria Wilhelm Oberwinder in Dresden, Germany in 1903. They had four children.[2] The family came to the United States in February 1914 before the outbreak of World War I and changed his name. The family called him "Jacie" after his first initials.[3]

His brother James J. Metcalfe was also a reporter for Chicago Daily Times and a former FBI agent.[4] James Metcalfe infiltrated the German Bund, a separate organization which was made-up of German nationals in the Chicago area.


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