Giudaismo Bolscevismo Plutocrazia Massoneria

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Giudaismo Bolscevismo Plutocrazia Massoneria
Author(s) Giovanni Preziosi
Cover artist unknown
Country Italy
Language Italian
Genre(s) Politics
Publisher Cultura, Scienza e Identita
Publication date 1941

Giudaismo Bolscevismo Plutocrazia Massoneria (English: Judaism Bolshevism Plutocracy Masonry) is a 1941 book by Italian author and politician Giovanni Preziosi, dealing with the Jewish Question generally and providing an expose of Jewish supremacism. A dissident member of the PNF, he had a fraught personal relationship with Mussolini and came closer to the Third Reich; he became an Ispettorato Generale Della Razza under the Italian Social Republic. Preziosi's book is similar in base to others in the genre such as The Dearborn Independent and The Cause of World Unrest.

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