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The Protocols
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The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Versions of The Protocols

First publication of The Protocols
Programma zavoevaniya mira evreyami

Writers, editors, and publishers associated with The Protocols
Carl Ackerman · Boris Brasol
G. Butmi · Natalie de Bogory
Denis Fahey · Henry Ford · L. Fry
Howell Gwynne · Harris Houghton
Pavel Krushevan · Victor Marsden
Sergei Nilus · George Shanks
Fyodor Vinberg · Clyde J. Wright

Deniers of The Protocols
Vladimir Burtsev · Herman Bernstein Norman Cohn · John S. Curtiss
Philip Graves · Michael Hagemeister
Pierre-André Taguieff · Lucien Wolf

Commentaries on The Protocols
The International Jew
The Cause of World Unrest
The Jewish Bolshevism
Mein Kampf

Georgy Butmi de Katzman (Russian: Георгий Васильевич Бутми-де-Кацман, 1856 — 1919) — Russian journalist, writer and economist (author of books and papers on economy), member of the Union of the Russian People.

Butmi opposed introduction of gold standard and supported bimetallism in his writings.

Butmi edited and/or published the Russian language editions of the Protocols of the wise men of Zion, in 1906, and 1907, respectively, after the Pavel Krushevan 1903 and Sergei Nilus 1905 editions. The first edition was published by Pavel A. Krushevan in Znamya in 1903; it has come to be known as the "shorter version." The second version was published by Sergei Nilus as chapter twelve in the 1905 second edition of his book, Velikoe v malom... (The Great within the Minuscule...), on the coming of the anti-Christ. Butmi's, therefore, is essentially the third major edition in any language.


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