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The Flanders Hall Publishing Company was based in Scotch Plains, New Jersey headed by Sigfrid Hauck who was later arrested as an agent for National Socialist Germany. The company was founded in fall of 1939 by German agent George Sylvester Viereck.[1] Many of the books published by Flanders Hall took an anti-British position on the war.

On April 9, 1941 Flanders Hall was registered as a foreign agent with Sigfrid Hauck as president, Mary Hauck as vice president, and Adolf Hauck as secretary-treasurer.[2]


Books published by Flanders Hall

  • 100 Families that Rule the Empire, by Giselher Wirsing
  • Who's Who Among the Warmongers, by Senator Rush D. Holt
  • The British Network in America, by Senator Rush D. Holt
  • The Scarlet Fingers, by Sigfrid Hermann Hauck, (1939) 111 pages
  • The Seven against Man, by George Sylvester Viereck (1941), 67 pages
  • Children of the Slums, by James Burr Hamilton (1941)
  • Lord Lothian vs. Lord Lothian
  • Seven Periods of Irish History, by Sheamus O’Shell

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