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Federated Knights of the Ku Klux Klan also Federated Ku Klux Klans Inc. was formed in Birmingham, Alabama in June 21, 1946 by William Hugh Morris. Other founding members of the group were E. P. Pruitt a physician and Robert S. Gullege a real estate developer.[1]

In 1949 fourteen members of the Federated Klan were indicted by a grand jury for mob violence. The Klansmen focused their beating on Whites of questionable morals. Morris was forced to testify but refused to provide a list of his entire membership claiming the list was stolen. Morris was sent to jail for contempt but after a few weeks agreed to reconstruct the list from memory.[2]

The Federated Knights originally operated only in Alabama, but by 1978 it had expanded to seven states. The group once claimed a membership of 30,000.

They issued a one time paper called Uxtra edited by Brett Brasfield.

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