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Eva Anna Paula Braun,

Eva Anna Paula Hitler (born Braun, February 6, 1912 - April 30, 1945) longtime companion and later wife of Adolf Hitler.



Eva was from a Bavarian family, the second daughter of schoolteacher Friedrich and Braun and Franziska Kronberger. At age 17 she took a job as a lab assistant and photographer's model for Heinrich Hoffman. Hoffman later became the official photographer for Hitler's National Socialist German Worker's Party. It was at Hoffman's studio where Eva Braun met Hitler in 1929. Clearly infatuated by Hitler, Eva would slip letters into his pocket. Gradually their relationship developed but would remain secret to others except for family members and Hitler's closest associates.

Eva Braun was a beautiful and intelligent woman, she liked sports and animals and intellectually was a real companion for Hitler, with whom he could well discuss everyday matters. Eva--as a photographer--prepared films of everyday life with Hitler in Berghof and elsewhere.


As the war drew to a close, Eva Braun chose to travel to Berlin to join Hitler in his bunker. As the Soviet Army approached Berlin Hitler told Eva leave on the last plane out of Berlin piloted by famed female war ace Hannah Reitsch. Eva refused and chose to die alongside Hitler. They were married the day before their suicide.

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