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Croatian Nationalist media: This is a condensed review of recent public media in Croatia with prevailing nationalist orientation.


Nationalist media in 1990ies

During the communist ex-Yugoslavia from 1945 - 1990, any nationalist media in Croatia were strongly stopped and pohibited; then the unique nationalist publications were periodically edited by Croatian diaspora in Americas, Australia, Germany, etc. After Yugoslavia's disaster and the end of regional communism, in the new coming democracy simultaneously appeared some liberal-leftist newspapers, and in parallel also a dozen of Croatian nationalist ones, mostly as newsweeks. In the broadcast and television programs there appeared also periodical nationalist topics. However, all this was gradually stopped with the illness and death (1999) of Franjo Tudjman, the founder of new Croatian state and its first president. Then, following the suggestions (and sophisticated directives) of European liberal-leftists, in Croatia started the so-called 'de-tudjaminizing' process i.e. the marginalizing and stopping nearly all public activities of Croatian nationalists, up to actual subtotal monopol of liberal-leftists in Croatian publicity and in nearly all media.

As a result, the previous nationalist media from 1990ies, then were gradually stopped either by abolishing their financial funds, or by sophisticated administrative manipulations to suffocate them, or even by a brutal authoritary forbidding as in the case of Croatian monthly 'NDH' (Croatian Independent State). After a decade of publishing, different combined methods recently provoked also an indirect sophisticated euthanasion of other Croatian nationalist periodicals, e.g. of annual 'Hrvatska revija' (Croatian Review), of monthly 'Hrvatska smotra' (Croatian magazine) and ' Tomislav' (King Thomas), of Croatian newsweeks 'Zora' (Dawn) and 'Fokus', etc. The most curious case was 'Slobodna Dalmacija' (Free Dalmatia), a Croatian daily newspaper that in 1990ies had mostly nationalist news; thus recently it was even attacked by ICTY-tribunal, and Croatian authorities then deposed its redaction and installed a new liberal-leftist one: so this diary now became strongly liberal-leftist and anti-Croatian. By the similar international directive of European liberal-leftists, Croatian authorities recently even officially gifted a permanent funding for the extreme liberal-leftist & anti-Croat newsweek 'Feral Tribune', being listen mostly by any Croats except rare ex-communists (now transformed in ultra-left 'liberalists').

Active nationalist media

By such a gradual and sophisticated inversion in Croatia, a true pluralistic democracy from 1990ies, finished now in a demagogical liberal-leftist conformism. Also as in the former regional communism of 1945-1990, also now the Croatian publicity is constantly bombarded from all monopolist media by liberal-leftist ideals (and dogmas): The unique formal difference from the former communistic brainwashing is that this new liberalist propanganda is more sophisticated and not so directly-brutal as previous one. The result is that average sceptic citizens of Croatia, this new monopolistic 'informing' accept mostly as a masked variant of neo-communism (now supported by European liberal-leftists instead of former Soviet-Soyuz), because its main local promotors really became the Yugoslav ex-communists now leading nearly all media in Croatia. So Croatian publicity now became almost pallid-faceless and international-globalistic copy without national ideas, diverging from elsewhere in Europe or Americas only by its south-Slavic language.

Actually, nationalist media receive not any financial support from Croatian authorities. Therefore from the former Croatian nationalistic media of 1990ies, till mow survived only an unique newsweek: 'Hrvatsko slovo' (Croatian letters), and recently also 3 newer ones emerged: 'Ultimatum', 'Fokus', and 'Hrvatski list' (Croatian paper). In Croatian broadcasting and television, now controlled subtotally by liberal-leftists, anyone station or program is not devoted to nationalist topics (except some minute local radio-stations with very restricted territorial reach). Even in sporadical recent cases when several isolated TV-reporters tryed to present publicly a moderate nationalist topic, they were immediately eliminated and lost their job. Instead of this blurred-globalistic radio & television, their blocked informing role recently assumed the free internet, that left (at least partly) out of the omnipotent controls of liberal-leftists. Therefore younger Croats now gradually left such diriged & blurred TV-informing, and prefer proper selection from internet informers. Due to this, the new number of Croatian nationalist portals on internet is now superior to these ones in printed newspapers and broadcasting.

Croatian nationalist press

Due to such liberal-leftist monopols and lacking any public funding, from prior dozen ones now in 2008 Croatia has only 3 nationalist newsweeks (all in Croatian language): the unique old 'Hrvatsko slovo' (Croatian letters) continued from 1990ies, the newer and explicit 'Hrvatski list' (Croatian paper), and 'Fokus' as the major and most serious one. Also the quarterly 'Ultimatum' is published periodically there (with English and German abstracts).

Hrvatsko slovo (Croatian letters)

Hrvatsko slovo (Croatian letters) is the oldest existing nationalist newsweek, published in Croatian capital Zagreb. It is the unique one persisting from dozen ones in 1990ies, mostly due to periodical domestic donations and to a restricted support from Croatian overseas diaspora. Formerly in 1990ies it was sponsored by state, having many explicit nationalist texts, but now it is chiefly a cultural newsweek with several moderate nationalist articles appearing periodically (about one monthly).


'Fokus' was a voluminous nationalist newsweek in Croatia, published in Zagreb city up to spring 2009. Initially it was mostly a serious cultural periodical, and recently it included also several moderate nationalist topics. It appeared as a periodical in successive bounded fascicles, and it was mostly supported by sponsors having a partial control on its style and contents, finishing by its recent euthanasion.

Hrvatski list (Croatian paper)

Hrvatski list (Croatian paper) was a nationalist newsweek published in Dalmatian coastal city Zadar 5 years ago, being supported partly by proper marketing. Its contents was mostly political with other minor supplements on culture and estrade; in each edition it included some nationalist texts. This former nationalist newsweek is recently purchased in part by Croatian Jews, and therefore of course, it now shifted more leftwards toward the liberalist globalism.


'Ultimatum' is a quarterly periodical, appearing sometimes (with financial restrictions) also as annual double of triple issues. Besides the main Croatian articles, it ends also by their condensed abstracts in English or German. This is chiefly a political and historical periodical, published by the nationalist movement 'New Croatian Rightists'. Its fascicles are filled by very strong nationalistic articles against liberal-leftists in Croatia, Europe and Americas, the most explicit ones that now appear in Croatia.

Nationalist portals on Internet

Besides these printed periodicals, due to recent increasing restrictions imposed by liberal-leftist monopols in subtotal Croatian press, broadcasting and television, such blocked Croatian nationalists found new exit in more free Internet, less accessible to liberal-leftist and ex-communist controls. Therefore in last years on internet appeared a series of Croatian nationalist portals of different types and quality; most of them are chiefly discussion forums, but two ones are more serious Wiki-encyclopedias with professional and informative nationalist articles. These Croatian nationalist portals are iteratively attacked by leftist hackers from Croatia and elsewhere, and so they are blocked periodically.

Croatian Stormfront

The Croatian section of Stormfront appeared a year ago. This is a discussion forum with various topics mixed in Croatian and English, but its texts are less informative, mostly of naive-popular character also as many other discussion forums. Most of its Croatian discutants treat the minor marginal topics, and hardly understand the organizing and true intentions of liberal-leftist controls and their worldwide monopols.

Narodno Sijelo (National Session)

'Narodno Sijelo' (National Session) is a more serious discussion forum of Croatian nationalist intellectuals, treating mostly the essential Croatian and international topics of liberal-leftist aggression in actual world. Among all Croatian discussion forums, the appoach of this portal is the most comparable to the ideas promoted also by Metapedia. Its texts are mostly in Croatian; it is often attacked by leftist hackers, and therefore its portal was so far iteratively blocked.

Croatian Wikislavia (WikiCroatia)

Croatian Wikislavia or WikiCroatia was a Croatian nationalist Wiki-encyclopedia, as an antithesis to the liberal-leftist 'Croatian Wikipedia' ( By its concepts it was intermediate between Metapedia and Russian Wikislavia, and it is focussed chiefly on Croatian history, politics, language, culture, geography, ecology, etc. It is polyglot i.e. the Croatian and other correlated topics are presented in several languages: Croatian, English, German, French, Russian, ...etc. It started from October 2007, and to the end of 2009 it had 540 articles. Also as the precedent intellectual forum, this wiki-encyclopedia was often attacked by leftist hackers and by fanatized wikipedians from Croatia and elsewhere; so it was iteratively blocked and thus its development was rather slowed. During 2009 also the entire Wikislavia suffered heavily from the hacking attacks of leftist vandals, and finally in December 2009 it was closed and stopped.

Hrvatski nacionalisti (Croatian Nationalists)

Croatian Nationalists is a new nationalist portal from Croatia, starting from 2008. It has a collective leadership and is organized by the rightist young people, mostly with national-socialist concepts, partly following the Croatian Ustaches movement from WW2.

Other nationalist portals

There exist on internet a dozen of other Croatian portals with some nationalistic texts more or less present. They include e.g the shorter digitalized variants of above printed periodicals ('Ultimatum', 'Croatian paper', and 'Croatian letters'), and also different discussion forums of mostly short duration with less serious contents.

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