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The United States presidential election of 2008, held on Tuesday, November 4, 2008, was the 56th consecutive quadrennial United States presidential election to select the President and the Vice President of the United States. It was won by Barack H. Obama



Barack Obama and John McCain

Barack Hussein Obama

The Democratic Party nominated Barack Hussein Obama, the junior United States Senator from Illinois, a lifelong "affirmative action" recipient of mixed-race, born to a Kenyan and 17-year-old white girl (Stanley Ann Dunham).

John McCain

The Republican Party nominated John McCain, the senior United States Senator from Arizona. McCain was a neoconservative warhawk and advocate of unrestricted immigration who was a habitual sponsor of bills in Congress demanding amnesty for illegal aliens in the USA.

Other Candidates

The Libertarian Party nominated former Congressman Bob Barr, while the nationalistic Constitution Party nominated pastor and radio talk show host Chuck Baldwin. The Green Party former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Ralph Nader declined to seek the Green Party nomination and ran as an independent candidate.

Obama Victory

Barack Obama won the number of electors necessary to be elected President. He was inaugurated as President of the United States on January 20, 2009.[1]

A Black President

The 2008 election was the first time in U.S. history that a Black was elected president. It was also the first time two sitting senators ran against each other, as well as the first time a Black was a presidential nominee for a major party.

The election coincided with the 2008 Senate elections in thirty-three states, House of Representatives elections in all states, and gubernatorial elections in eleven states, as well as various state referenda and local elections. As in the 2004 presidential election, the allocation of electoral votes to each state was based on the 2000 Census. The remaining two electoral votes represent the two Senators from each state serving the U.S. (Washington D.C. is served through the 23rd Amendment).

Why Did Obama Win?

Many predicted Barack Obama, as someone with only tenuous ties to the USA and as a black man, could ever be elected president.

His victory was assured by several factors:

  • 1.) Anger at the Bush administration about the financial crisis of Fall 2008 and its record of poor governance generally,
  • 2.) Republican disgust with the nomination of neoconservative John McCain who had for years pushed for amnesty [depressing white-Republican turnout -- White turnout was down vs. 2004],
  • 3.) A surge of nonwhite voters including: 3a.) Strong black turnout: Blacks voted 24-to-1 for Obama[2]; 3b.) Strong Hispanic turnout: Hispanics voted over 2-to-1 for Obama[3], despite McCain's wildly pro-Hispanic policies.

Nationalists Split on Obama

Nationalists and white racialists in the USA were split on the idea of an Obama Presidency. Those in favor of an Obama victory maintained that an obvious "affirmative action president" would be a better mockery of the system than anything else ever could.

Many black-nationalists oppose Obama. Prominent among these is Harlem preacher Dr. James David Manning.

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